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Having worked in the industry for over 2 decades, we were frustrated with the lack of simple solutions to access relevant business metrics on companies and sectors in one place. This inspired us to create Thurro – a one-stop repository for all up-to-date and credible market intel delivered in a breakthrough visual format, cutting the data discovery workflow time by 90%.

Now it’s easy to answer questions such as: “Have luxury cars grown rapidly in the last 2 years?”; “Is more power being traded on power exchanges now than compared to 5 years ago?”; “Are D2C brands impacting market shares of traditional FMCG businesses?”; “What industries are impacted by the Ukraine war?”; and “Which industry is seeing the maximum credit growth?”.

Our Team

Our team is small but passionate. Mix of youthful exuberance and experience. Combining business knowledge with technology skills. ChatGPT does not worry us for we believe Artificial intelligence cannot replace human ingenuity and intelligence
The founders are alumni from IIT and IIM and bring with them decades of experience in investment management, banking , insurance and consulting. They are ably supported by a bunch of youngsters who are passionate about technology and data analytics.

Come join us ! We’re always on the lookout for personalities with talent.